For Rough and dry Beard, and Beard Breakage Problems

For Rough and dry Beard, and Beard Breakage Problems

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Rough Beard is caused due to the following four reasons:

  1. Usage of Beard/Hair Fixers and sprays: Most beard fixers are gums that are hazardous for the beard texture as well as the skin. Hair Sprays have an alcohol content that strips the beard of natural oil and moisture from the beard as it quickly gets evaporated. While you feel good about the beard setup, the products react on the beard and the skin. In the long run, you notice the beard has become rough and dry which leads to beard breakage, and patchiness.
  2. The hardness of water: Regions that use groundwater for their daily needs, face the hardness of the water. The hardness of water means a high level of minerals like calcium and magnesium that makes it difficult for the moisture to penetrate the beard. This makes the beard rough and dry. 
  3. Treated Water: Treated water/ water that contains a high percentage of chlorine strips the beard of the natural oils on the beard, which makes the beard rough and brittle leading to beard breakage.
  4. Weather: Harsh dry cold weather sucks out the moisture of the beard, making the beard dry and rough. If not treated in time leads to beard breakage. 

Keeping all these issues in mind, Singh Styled recommends the combo of Kesh Healer and Cleanser Shampoo.

We recommend using the Kesh Healer daily for the first fifteen days. Apply it on the beard just before you go to sleep. Post fifteen days use the Kesh Healer 2-3 times a week.

Post work, open the beard by washing the beard with Luke warm water and cleanser shampoo. This loosens the hardness of the beard due to the beard/hair fixer and reduces the beard breakage.