About Us


Singh Styled began as one young Singh’s acute need for high-quality turbans, focused Sikh beard care products, and a style guide to complement his modern lifestyle; yet keep him close to what he cherishes the most – his unique identity and his roots.

Launched in 2015, Singh Styled is the world’s first grooming and styling platform for today’s Sikh Gentlemen. Envisioned as the Dressers for Singhs, the platform focuses on three specific categories that cater to the essential styling needs - Turbans, Beard Care, and Style Advisory.


"Singh Styled offers products and services, helping Sikhs to groom and style while maintaining their Sikh ethos. Grooming helps to mould one’s own individual style creatively and our online platform provides this fine opportunity.” — Sumeet Kaur, co-founder of Singh Styled

Headquartered in Bombay, India, Singh Styled products are available on www.singhstyled.com.

Singh Styled currently ship to 133 worldwide destinations, which includes Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Far & Middle East, and Africa. We also plan to start our operations in United Kingdom, Canada, United States and Australia.


Charanjeev Singh, founder of Singh Styled

"Whenever I hear Sikh stats, “There are 30 million plus Sikhs world wide.”, I smile, and reword it as “There are 30 million Kings and Queens”. Because these 30 million individuals are blessed with a Guru gifted identity that makes a Singh and Kaur stand out, within a crowd. Billions of dollars are spent by MNCs to build a global identity. We Sikhs are blessed to have one - a crispy tied turban, a flowing or a set beard… we just need to respect the identity by maintaining it.” — Charanjeev Singh, founder of Singh Styled