Be a part of the Sewa

Billions of dollars are spent by MNCs to build a global identity. Our Sikh Gurus have blessed with an identity which is unique, global, and free - a crispy tied turban, a flowing or a set beard… we just need to respect the identity by maintaining it.

With a thought of helping Sikh Gentlemen to maintain their Guru Gifted Identity by providing quality turbans and focused sikh beard care products, the birth of Singh Styled happened in 2015. Today, Singh Styled is respected as a global sikh brand that caters to 30 million Sikhs around the world.

We believe our work is part of Guru's Sewa. Each Singh we help to get styled, we pay our respect to the Gurus.

Come. Join this Sewa. Provide us with your details below, and we will connect with you to discuss how we can work together and spread the awareness. - Charanjeev Singh, Founder of Singh Styled