Self-Belief... We all have Wings!

In pursuit of "Nowhere"

"Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself".

Have come across this powerful quote quite a few times. While I do like the essence of the same but never really had the time of analyzing it. Having undergone a minor surgery have been asked to rest for a week. This has given me enough time to stare at the ceiling, look through the window panes and put the thoughts on a journey. I guess this is also called as being with oneself.

Just can't recollect the last time I ever was with myself. Life is busy but it's a must that  we need to take some time off for being with our own self- you never know, you may discover an interesting person. I did, to some extent and quite an interesting realization of what I am !! "Give yourself a chance to discover who you really are"

Watching the television in the hospital room wasn't keeping me occupied compared to what I later found beyond the window pane.  As I noticed the passing vehicles, birds intensely busy, leaves of the trees welcoming the pleasant wind, the clouds moving in an artistic formation with sky as it's canvas and all this being done effortlessly. At least seemingly effortless, as this is their routine.

Do we treat our day with the same confidence and effortless  behavior ? For instance, the birds seem to be powered with motivation and while they choose to sit on a new  branch or twig, they aren't afraid of the branch breaking as their trust is not in the branch but in its own wings - "Always believe in yourself- find your wings"

My first experience with a Surgery under the influence of General Anesthesia and a day prior was a bit nervous to the extent that I called up the surgeon for possibilities of doing this over a Local Anesthesia. His quick response instead was a query asking for the reasons. My remark - I wasn't comfortable not being in control while the surgery was in progress. He chuckled and mentioned that it is he who needs to be in control and in fact wanted me to be just still. "At times being still is the need and the right action from our end"

How many times do we react to situations which don't need our action or perhaps we  act just to make us or others feel that we attempted ? Take time off for being still, that could well be our simulated "nowhere moment" too !!

Faintly heard my name as if from a  distance and by the time I could see, noticed a Thumbs Up from a masked man- wasn't the Spidey but the doctor. I mumbled indicating that I was still awake and he should wait for anesthesia to take its effect before he starts the surgery. Was made to realize that it was already done- Wow, that was fast, almost like a split second. My maiden experience of realization that time has more to do with space (events) than with the idea of an absolute time. For my better-half who was  keeping track of the events it meant an ordeal of two hours.

As per Einstein's theory  -Time has no independent existence apart from order of events by which we measure it. Hence it definitely makes  more sense for us to put our events in the right order and priority to make the time worthwhile. One of the greatest gift that we have is the "Time", make it count !!

Why is that we are not as much Thankful in a place of worship as much while in a hospital?

It was time for my check out- As I walked across the wards, I couldn't ignore the intense presence of Strength: Vulnerability, Belief: Doubt Hope: Despair, Compassion: Indifference and Fear : Composure all co-existing in the hospital environment. As I looked around it definitely felt how lucky we are as compared to others. As they say, your family is priceless, your health is wealth and your time is gold. Let's take time off to be Thankful each day !! 

All this business of planning and attempting to control the future doesn't work- it's about giving our best based on the merit of the situation. While on a boat in a river you make the course as you go along. In the same context, there is always a point of time in life ("nowhere moment") where nobody can help beyond a point. It's the time for self-realization that at the core everybody is an individual. Family and friends obviously are precious & a great sense of support but what matters is discovering who you really are. Such discoveries are perhaps made at the point of "nowhere" and if we are to simulate the "nowhere moment'" for our benefit, it's best to follow the path of "Faith" and "Belief" in supreme force. "The more we learn, the more we know how little we know"

If ever you are going through a rough (involuntary "nowhere moment"), make use of the moment for discovering a newer you. You may just be surprised of how good you are. Have no fear of the 'nowhere", it's only a moment.

The universe has a plan, Trust it, Live it and Enjoy it. You are the Self- You exist always...

@Teji HS

We Thank Teji Veerji for letting us publish this piece of his narrative which he had penned several years ago.

Pls feel free to put in your views and thoughts.

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  • Charanjeev Singh

    I will visit this post again and again when the situations are low. Thank you, Veer ji.

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